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“I’m Giving My Husband My Kidney, Pray For Us!” – Woman Discloses As She Goes In For Surgery.


After he was diagnosed with Kidney failure for four years, GourMay Brice has announced on Facebook that she’d be donating her kidney to her husband of 25 years, George Brice.

The womanshared the news on FB, along with a video, asking for people’s prayers. She wrote:

“Almost four years ago my husband was diagnose with kidney failure. Three of those years we waited for family to come forward to help. Doing dialysis at home was overwhelming to me but we did it anyway together. Watching my husband’s body change before me was more than I could bare. So I went and got tested to see if I’m a match.

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I’m driving home… And I get the call… You are a match for your husband!! ONLY God did this for us!!! What are the odds of me being an Angel for my husband. Surgery is tomorrow and I’m getting nervous and I’m in need of prayers. I know that the blood of Jesus will cover us and God will watch over our surgeons. So I’m asking you ALL to Keep George Brice & GourMay Brice in your prayers cause we will need them. Thanks!” You have our prayers.

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