How to Overcome Stress of a Busy Semester and Increase Productivity

3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Daily Productivity – Have a Stress Free Day

I will do it later! Words that could be summed up to mean
procrastination . We fill our lives daily with tasks considered to be less productive at some point leaving the important ones behind.

You know how most times at work you feel there is nothing left to do (less busy) then you spend hours of your time on social media only to be reminded of some important things you should have done? At the end of the day we claim to be stressed out.
Sometimes we have our days filled with stress because of tasks carried over to the next day at other times we are much less busy. Today I share with you three ways I use to attain optimum productivity daily. My goal? Help you balance your days eliminating very busy and less busy days.

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3 Tips to improve productivity in a Busy Semester

MAKE A TODO LIST: Having a list of daily Must DO Tasks increases your productivity daily. Most times after a stressful day we realize we barely achieved anything for the day but with a list you’ll be able to achieve more.

STOP FEELING LESS BUSY: That moment when you spend hours feeling less busy doing nada can be utilized achieving other/future tasks. Whenever you feel less busy, go through your tasks list in search of uncompleted tasks for the day this way you’ll be able to achieve more daily.

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STOP PROCRASTINATING : Do not skip your daily tasks. When you say I’ll do it later again and again what assurance can you give that you’ll eventually perform the said task? You have to build your mind to be the Do it NOW kind as procrastination begins in the. It works like this, if I do it now it means one less task for me.
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