BREAKING: Kanye West Is The Most Difficult Hip Hop Artist To Work with – Big Sean & Hit-Boy Explained

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BREAKING: Kanye West Is The Most Difficult Hip Hop Artist To Work with – Big Sean & Hit-Boy Explained

Did You Know Kanye West Is The Most Difficult Hip Hip Artist To Work With ? But Why ?
Big Sean & Hit-Boy Give Full and Rightful Answer To This Here.
Big Sean explained that, his comments were made prior to Kanye West’s “Drink Champs” appearance.

Rappers might fight for the opportunity to appear on a Kanye West album but it doesn’t come without laborious efforts. During a recent interview with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, Big Sean detailed the excruciating difficulties of working with Ye in the lab.

“Kanye can be very hard to work with,” Sean admitted before Hit-Boy added that he thought the Detroit rapper would mention this first. Sean went on to explain that the level of perfection that Kanye strives for with have any one of his collaborators re-doing their portion over the record countless times before Ye approves. “Kanye will have you re-do a verse 10 times and not use them,” Sean continued.

Hit-Boy Added “[Kanye will have you] redo some drums 10 times.”

Sean offered “Clique” as an example of Kanye putting his collaborators to work for the best final product possible. He said that it was initially a posse cut including eight verses. However, that changed once Jay-Z came in. “With ‘Clique,’ I did that verse on the fly so there’s like eight other verses on there. After him and Hov met up, they cut everybody but they was like, ‘Leave Sean on there, he went too crazy with the hook.’” Sean said.

The interview itself was released after Kanye West’s controversial appearance on Drink Champs where he suggested that he deserves death for signing Big Sean. The Detroit rapper later explained that he was caught off guard by such a claim since they were hanging out just days after the interview was conducted.

Sean went to Twitter where he clarified that he and Hit-Boy actually recorded the interview with Wallo and Gillie last month, before Kanye’s Drink Champs interview was filmed.

“Did this Million Dollars Worth A Game interview bout a month ago, a lot of people looking at it as a response to Ye’s Drink Champs and it’s not, I filmed it before that,” he tweeted.

Kanye West might be difficult to deal with but at the end of the day, it’s not like he wrote a diss track towards Big Sean in the studio as he did with T-Pain.

Peep the interview below. Sean and Hit-Boy talk Kanye around the 31:45 mark.


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