Enjoy Two Different Plans On Mtn At A Time,mtn Better Talk And Mtn Pulse (See procedures)

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guys which terif plan are you using on your mtn
sim,is it
mtn pulse/ipulse
mrtn better talk
mtn zone
mtn biz clas here is another method you can use both mtn
better talk and mtn pulse
are you using better talk? that double all your
recharged with any amount you recharge.
when using better due to the x3 bonus you get from every recharge you make, you are not
eligible to megabyte unlike mtn pulse, you cant
use the share and sell service.
my guys you can use both plans to rock life,simply
follow this method
when you recharge your mtn better talk with any amount of your choice,your account will be
credited with bonus
for example, if you recharge 100# you will be
credited with 200# bonus, if you recharge 200#
you will be credited with 400#bonus,
now after your recharge on bettertalk, use the bonus to call who ever you want to call,make sure
you use all your bonus, then migrate to mtn pulse,
and use their offers on megabyte, for every
subcribtion you make you will get double of it, for
example you subscribe for a daily plan with 100
for 30mb you will be given 60mb or 200 for 100mb you will be given 200mb, or you wait till
weekend for their wowweekend offer when you
can get 500mb with just 200# or you do your
monthly subcribtion, lets imagine you want to
subscribe for a month, make your recharge on
bettertalk rock your bonus and simply migrate to mtn pulse and do your 1000# sub, after the sub
migrate back to mtn better talk, and keep rocking
your bonus till month end.
note every migration on mtn is free,so you can
change your plan any minute you want.
is’tn this making sense? enjoying two plan at your own time.
to migrate from bettertalk to mtn pulse simply dial
to migrate to better talk simply dial *123*2*6#
please pass this on

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Published on: September 4, 2016. at: 07:10

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