Ernest Obi Slams Skit Makers Making Jokes About Ritual Killings

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Ernest Obi Slams Skit Makers Making Jokes About Ritual Killings

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Obi shared a video of some skit makers encouraging young boys to use their girlfriends for rituals which they later claimed was a prank.

Reacting to the video, the Idemili star stated that the skit was not funny to him and the comedians were promoting murder.

Angered by their actions, the filmmaker called on legislators and religious leaders to take action against those involved in ritual killings.

He wrote: “This Is Not Funny. This Is No Joke. It Is Not A Skit. Or A Movie. My Soul Is Bitter. These Are Young Men Of Sound Mind Promoting MURDER. Enough Of This Madness And Stupidity. Relevant Authorities Must Swing Into Action And Put An End To This.

“I Refuse To Accept That It Is Cool Or Acceptable For Some Lazy Minded Animals To MURDER People (girls/women) In D Name Of Becoming Rich Without Working For it. This Is Not Reflective Of Our Culture Or Traditions. It Must End Now. Legislators must wake up.

“If you Kill Then You Should be Killed. The Churches/pastors/priests The Mosque’s/clerics. The Traditional Rulers. Traditionalists. All Need To Speak Up And Fight This Evil That is becoming A Norm.”

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Published on: February 10, 2022. at: 12:10
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