Four Nigeria Musicians Who Actually Can’t Sing

Four Nigerian Singers Who Actually Can Not SingGood music, anywhere in the world, brings life to the saddest of soul, safe to say, Music is life.Now when you want to rate a music as being good, the first criteria on the list will definitely be the voice. A good voice is etched in timbre and tone and can withstand the heaviest of pitch be it high or low.Good music makes you stay in that blue or pinkbuble, that place you feel safe and hapy at all time, which makes listening to a bad song make one feel likestanding under a tap and allowing the water run into your ear drum.It beats me when I hear people comparing a terrible singer who sounds like he or she swallowed a huge fish and decided on using alcohol to wash it down to an excellent vocal powerhouse singer all because the latter is selling more record…till date, am stil at a loss.We will be using the number one criteria ofgood music (Voice) today to list five top artistes who are the worst singers yet in the industry

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1.Davido: Except most people want to lie to themselves will they claim this fine and successful gentleman is a good singer, lets face it, Davido, is a terrible singer. Some would want to claim it’s because he has a raspy voice…no child…its just clear, he is a terrible singer. When he sings, it sounds like mid aged Patrick Star of Spongebob Square pants series.


2. Kcee: Yeah, he got away with the Limpopo song and felt, ‘Hey People are enjoying me, whynot keep on making people fall into coma everytime I sing and make my money’ hence Bureau de Changer. No argument, no debate…Kcee, should stop singing already, but again, I think with training, he can get there. You can do it Kcee, we believe in you.

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3. D’banj: No doubt you are an entertainer, but no sir, singing is a no no. D’banj, sounds like anover-riped mango sometimes having its skin peeled off aggressively with a screw cork instead of a knife.

lola rae

4.Lola Rae: I have listened to her songs over and over again and all I can think of is barbie dolls making funny noises but then I realized its just her voice.

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