God will Not Allow Scandals Trail My Career…Nigerian Singer, Perfecta Ekpo

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Fast rising Nigerian US base singer, Mfonma Ekpo better known as Perfecta Ekpo, is massively gaining all the needed attention she deserves especially with the ways she thrills her audience with her dance steps.

Perfecta in a recent interview with Nigeriafilms.com disclosed that despite raising a family in the US, she is ready to come back home to her country to help develop it through her music.

She already has about three singles to her credit and still working on more with a hope to have an album soon. Analysing the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry, the singer feels there are great talents in the country and more are still coming.

With her belief of not competing with anybody in the industry, Perfecta hopes that he stay in the Nigerian music industry will yield positive results at the end as she is not in for any form of scandals which she believes comes with the craft.

Read excepts below;

Can we really get to know about your personality (real name), growing up and family?
Thank you, my given name is Mfonma Ekpo, I am from Akwa Ibom State, I grew up in Ekot Ekpene and Calabar respectively.

Why the choice of music and not jobs in other fields?

Wow that’s a good one, I will say I am a born artists, entertainment has been my passion from a very tender age.

With about three singles already, how soon are you planning to come back to Nigeria fully and how ready for the industry?

I do hope to be more frequent in Nigeria from next year, but before that I want to put out some more works that we are currently working on. I just wanna use this opportunity to thank my fans, I really do appreciate your support.

All the while you have been spending more time abroad, what have you been doing?
Studying and raising my family.

Most times, entertainers are entangled in various scandals to the other, are you prepared to have a thick skin when such arises?
I used to be worried about that before, but now I fully understand that such has to come with fame, I know that God who has brought me this far will definitely guide me and see me through.

How will you describe your kind of music genre and do you think it can stand the test of time
considering the kind of sounds some Nigerians listen to which is fast beat?

Afro-pop is what I do, we do hope to do our best to stay on top of the game and keep our fans entertained.

How do you relax when not doing anything?

I usually relaxed by going for a swim with my small family and sometimes, going on a vacation.

Music and love life, which has brought you more joy?

Though music is my passion, my love life and family means everything to,

You seems to have much confidence in your manager, do you have any form of feelings for him?

He happens to be my hubby, and love of my life, I thank God every day for making our paths cross, he actually is the brain behind Perfecta Ekpo’s music.

If not music, what else will you be doing?

I do have plans to embark on charity and humanitarian activities, and also spend time with my family and love ones. Once again i will like to thank all my fans for their support and also those who are getting to know me for the first time. For those who wants to hear some of my songs can look these songs up ‘Hope For Nigeria’ , ‘Topisin’ and currently Nyame Nhyira .

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Published on: January 2, 2023. at: 12:47
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