I Once Got My Fingers Burnt and Still Healing…Seyi Law

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Comedian, Seyi Law, in a recent interview with Cute Kimani, has disclosed that unlike some of his colleagues who are diversifying into other businesses, he is trying to be careful with any decisions he takes now.

The comedian stated that he had once attempted other business but it never paid off as he regret ever taking such steps but hopefully some others are already up. “I did once and burnt my fingers, but still diversifying.”

Speaking about marriage, the comedian pointed out that one of the most hardest thing is communication as if not well managed could poise a big issue in the home.
According to him, “The hardest part in marriage? Communication is. If we communicate better, we will live better. The first 6 month is always crucial.”

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Published on: December 28, 2022. at: 02:59
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