Jim Donnett Admits Nigerian artiste-label structure is in mess

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Jim Donnett is Nigerian from the South Eastern part of the country who broke into the entertainment industry as a writer before becoming an artiste. The Lagos born artiste  is super stoked about anything creative arts especially in the audio and visual division of the entertainment industry.

He said “ I’m a junk foodie and I really don’t like going out because I’m very shy. Although most times people think that’s a lie.” Talking about his parents “I have the kind of parents who are a little too interested in the well-being and growth of their children, even down to things like personal skill and talents, which were perceived as incoherent in the days of old. My mom who helped me with wisdom tactics to sell the idea to my dad. His principled nature made me quite unsure how he would welcome my decision. But they have been incredulously supportive.”

Jim talked about Nigerian artiste-label structure  “Truth be told, it is a hot mess right now. Most of these guys have signed their productive years into deals that hardly offer any self-development in career benefits. And this is because some of them only aspire to be famous. That’s all they want. They do not care about wanting to make a difference. It is their misplaced priority for stardom that often lands them in creative slavery.”

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Published on: January 4, 2023. at: 06:05
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