Lyrics: Juice WRD – Karma (Skit)

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Lyrics: Juice WRD - Intro

Lyrics: Juice WRD – Karma (Skit)

Karma (Skit) Lyrics
Okay, it’s me again
I’ve called you, like, a billion times now
Why can’t you answer the phone?
I know, I have called you back a billion times
Why can’t you answer the phone?
What? Yeah, I know, I’m sorry
I told you, that none of that meant nothing to me
Noth-nothing meant nothing to me (I gave you everything)
He didn’t mean anything to me (He even fucking followed you)
I told you I was there for you
So you just gon’ give everything I gave you to somebody else?
You just gon’ give me all away like that?
Nigga, you was just calling me
Yeah you was the one saying all that, but I don’t care
I love you, I always loved you
But, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be calling you if I didn’t love you
I love you
You don’t have to hang up the phone, don’t hang up the ph—, what are you doing?
None of that, that bag don’t mean shit to me
I don’t give a fuck about what you got, I really love you
Okay, but I said don’t hang up the phone, I wanna talk to you
(It don’t mean a thing)


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