Lyrics: Sarkodie – Vintage Flow

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Lyrics: Sarkodie - Greatness

Lyrics: Sarkodie – Vintage Flow

Vintage Flow Lyrics
Console Chronikz
Aha ah

[Verse 1]
Yen have conversation
I think you niggas need a little education
I took some time off to relax
And I’m still on probation
Things are not the same anymore
I will need your cooperation
Titi was the reason why I chock
She got my full attention but I always gotta source
Still a se mepe kura a me nrappe because enye force
I only felt se me ne Sarknation anya divorce
Fans fre wo a you report so I’m here
Menim se mo afeme but I gotta make it right
Rap no megyae a gye se medi 85
Man I give Zero fuck to the lazy hype
Eyana ma chillie but I can be the crazy type
This is for the culture
What we tryna do kill is the vultures
Time weyi yede separati boys from the men
Taking away the Akpeteshie out of the Johnie Walkers (Ah!)
[Verse 2]
The second coming of Okomfo Anokye
I have believe in Strongman Burner
Of cause I’m watching
Nyakopon ne blessing die obia be nya ne portion
Me kote na me ye din saa na mu ntake caution
I be young Fela mede dom beba
Me sene John-the-Bap-tist
Don’t-ever test me na m’anu yeya se Don Chega
Wo gru meho a wo ankasa wo betsi wo kenkeba
Ma swerve mu mede Yet abedane Kalo
Flight Mode yese abia me battery no da low
Rap kora da easy me sheda yi se Trabo
Ma me nfa kwan wei so nkyea me nua noYaw Dabo
Nea mede twatuo
Se wo bre me ase a Nyame ne medimafuo
Industry no obia pretene nti me ndi mu agoro
Obesre wo anim nanso nakuma no apro
Only time a mene boys hyia ye backstage
Eno koraa yebo nkomo kakra a we have space
I don’t wanna get too comfortable with a nigga
Eba ne saa a wo ka me ho asem a me back case


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