Lyrics: Timaya – All the Way (Remix) Ft. Attitude Achievas Lyrics

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Lyrics: Timaya – All the Way (Remix) Ft. Attitude Achievas Lyrics

All the Way (Remix) Lyrics
Everybody now
Oh e yeah, oh e yeah, oh e yeah yeah yeah (3x)
Everybody say my music en dey make dem dey blow
En dey make dem dey blow
My music e dey make dem dey dance oh
E dey make dem dey blow
Everybody now
Hayse, give me space
Next thing dem say me I dey crase
I wanna wanna tie my shoelace
Evеrybody don begin to see a race
Yes ah, givе me space
Timaya and attitude dey crase
Everybody make you tie my shoelace
Yes ah dem say we are blaze ah
Im Mike like Tyson
Lyrically vexing
Attitude you know that me im still jonsing
I bond like James, burning like flames
Im straight to the point nigga I don’t play games
Yeah I use my instincts
I never play tricks, im so supernatural
Like a matrix, this game is mine
Right now you know that me I shine
Uh now here we taking this
Heading to space nobody is faking this
Rappers so old school like the native
Me so bad so me so creative
Uh im so on point so positive
They brag too much so they are targeted
I burn this down to a *** run you
Attitude taking over not gon morn you
Hayse, give me space
Next thing dem say me I dey crase
Me I wanna tie my shoelace
Everybody don begin to see a race
Hayse, give me space
Next thing they say timaya don dey crase
Attitude dey maga
Everybody stagger
Im just fifteen, im young ain’t I
That dosent mean that im afraid of MI
Yeah I do respect MI
None of these fake rappers can even try
Why because me im a bad guy
Now im with the best team so don’t try
Uh no im heading to the top
Attitude you know that I never ever drop
I got swagalele lady gaga per rapper or Obama
My flow can put you in coma if you’re not listening proper
*** yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Everybody when I sing say
Hayse, what ya thinking
Dem mama soldiers never singing
Everyday **** blinking, blinking, thinking
Everybody demma fi stinking
Say demma know
Any time I come e I dey make their mind though
Incase you never know
Any time when I show the people
Demma know that timaya na all of us dey run the show
Everybody now me a blinking
See our enemies everyday singing
See anytime dey see us
See their life is stinking
See that girl from bayelsa
E dey every time winking
The people we are give them frustration
Everytime they see us for their television
Yeah dem dey die for starvation
We are we are we are die from constipation
Yeah higher higher higher higher ah
Me I me I me I getting high high
High and high, me I getting high
Anytime dem see u everybody wanna cry

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