Man Sexualizes 14-Year-Old Neighbour’s Daughter Entrusted To Him (Photo)

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Man Sexualizes 14-Year-Old Neighbour’s Daughter Entrusted To Him (Photo)

A man is trending on Facebook after he expressed his thoughts towards a 14-year-old neighbour.

The user named Nsi Kak revealed that his neighbours are travelling and are trusting him with their 14-year-old daughter who can’t travel with them because she has to go to school.

He went on to sexualize the girl by describing what “she’s carrying front and back”.

He added that he doesn’t trust himself and prays that he will not “Oxlade” the girl while alone with her.

By Oxlade, the Facebook user was making reference to the singer whose sex tape recently leaked.

See his post below.

“Funny how this our neighbor is trusting me with their 14 years old daughter. Pt
Ma’am, with this thing she’s carrying front and back? Hehehe, I don’t trust myself.

They’re traveling to village for one of their relative traditional/white wedding, they prolly gonna come back on Sunday or Monday, they can’t take her along because of school.
And me? I’m staying home throughout this week because of some personal reasons. Is God not wonderful?

She was just smiling upandown, I just pray I shouldn’t Oxlade this girl shea.”

He Later Apologized

Hey, I apologise.

I’m wondering why this very post is getting all this reaction, it was JUST a post.

Firstly, we don’t have any 14 years old girl in our compound.

Secondly, none of our neighbors is traveling anywhere.

Thirdly, I’m not at home.

I wasn’t looking for any visibility or anything, I love my low key, that’s the reason why I deleted the post, the fame and dragging was too much.

But y’all have something in mind, 50% of you guys that said trash about me, I feel it hypocrite.

Maybe it because I used 14 years old girl, I was just trying create something related to Oxlade recent trend. I had nothing bad in mind.

I’m sorry guys, peace should reign.

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Published on: February 11, 2022. at: 09:49
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