Moment Man Presents Girlfriend With Packaged Roasted Plantain Before Gifting Her A Range Rover SUV For Valentine

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A video has captured the moment a man presented his girlfriend with roasted plantain before gifting her a Range Rover SUV to celebrate valentine.

Range babe

In the short clip, the man who decided to prank his babe a little and at the same time test how she will react in issues like such packaged roasted plantain in a carton well-bounded with ribbons.

The lady who had no idea of what was going on was surprised to see plantain inside the well-decorated box.

She made humour of the whole scenario as she began to eat the plantain while laughing out loud over the prank.

It didn’t take long for a white Range Rover to drive into the house and her man duly presented the whip to her.

Plantain Range Rover valentine

The lady filled with enthusiasm screamed and gave her boyfriend a very warm hug.

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Published on: December 26, 2022. at: 05:50
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