Music Review: Davido – ‘Gbagbe Oshi’

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Yes Yes ! O.B.O is back ! After a long wait we finally layed our hands on the fresh single ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ off the ‘SOM’ EP. ‘SOM’ an acronym for ‘Son Of Mercy’. Kindly read the FS review of the fresh Davido single.


Lyrics of a song tends to beautify a song.

Let’s look at it this way, Davido came in with this intro;

Well anytime we come up on line
You no say snow baga take off the area

Then we already the know the message the song is bringing in. The chorus came in;

Moni gbagbe oshi, shaba daba
Moni gbagbe oshi, lailai lailai, shizzi
Come up on the line, we leaver to the slow baga
Pull up on the game we are still us again eh
Moni gbagbe oshi, shaba daba.

Still the same message. Fast forward to the verses and everything the song was depicting the same message then we definitely love it. Davido did not shift this time with the info of his songs like we normally know.


Song Production

Shizzi, recently signed to Sony Music/RCA did a fantastic job on this one!

Shizzi, created a dope dancehall/pop instrumental. The kind of sound that suits the ever blazing Davido.

Davido was hot on the sound cos he followed how the beats goes, the beat is high, his voice is high, the beat is low, his voice is low.

Shizzi never relents in creating a hot instrumental and it was a superb sounds to listen too. Am sure some upcoming artistes can’t wait to get a free beat from Shizzi.

Song Production Rating: 4/5

Song Originality

This Davido new sound is definitely not kind of original.

‘Gbagbe Oshi”s instrumental might be different but trust me Davido’s singing is not different. When you listen to the song (don’t think of the instrumental first) you get the feeling you’ve listen this kind of song before.

Davido did not try a new thing cos we felt the same Davido sound. Arghh.

Song Originality Rating: 3/5

Finally ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ by Davido off Son Of Mercy – SOM scored 10/15.

Davido – ‘Gbagbe Oshi’

Davido’s EP, “Son of Mercy” is now available for pre-order on iTunes with 5 tracks on the project. The first track off the project ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ is insta


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Published on: January 18, 2023. at: 22:18
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