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It’s time to read but your body won’t just respond. Sleep is trying to take over especially at night. There are 5 Things you can do to get your body in tune.


5 Tips To Fight Sleep When You Need To Read.

Sleep can crop up at really inappropriate times. Maybe at work, church or even during a boring lecture. However, what if it crops up at the usual time in the night, but you are simply too busy, maybe you need to read, or finish a project, assignment or essay? How do you fight it off? Below are some tips that will be very helpful:

1. Caffeine

This should not be a daily occurrence, as caffeine is addictive and not very healthy. But in emergency, a cup of coffee without milk can be a lifesaver. Caffeinated drinks contain chemicals that help increase your metabolism and keep you awake, long enough to complete the task at hand, or round up that pressing assignment.

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2. Take a Walk

Studies show that taking a 20 minute walk can boost your energy levels and decrease fatigue. Low-impact exercise seems better than higher impact exercise for fatigue levels, so you don’t have to be a power walker to see benefits. Another plus is people who exercise, tend to do better mentally, so take a short walk around and return to your task.

3. Music

Listening to music while you work can help keep you awake and increase your concentration levels, experts say. Simple! Pop on some comfy headphones—nothing with speakers if you work with other people – and see what kind of music works best for your productivity. For some people it’s Bach. For others it’s Lady Gaga. It’s a highly individual thing, and can even vary for you depending on the task at hand.

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4. Eat

Snacks, fizzy drinks and the like can also help you stay awake. Large meals can make you drowsy. (Think Thanksgiving, only on a smaller scale.) Try eating smaller meals and more healthy snacks throughout the day for sustained energy.

5. Cold Water

There’s nothing like a splash of cold water on your face to revive you. Don’t forget to drink liquids throughout the day. Staying hydrated can result in increased oxygen levels which boost energy and can keep your mind sharp.

Those are the 5 Things that can help you keep sleep away while you study. Do you have other means of dealing with sleep as a Student?
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