Presidency condemn Reports That Buhari Has Achieved Only One of His Many Campaign Promises

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Presidency condemn Reports That Buhari Has Achieved Only One of His Many Campaign Promises

The Presidency responded to reports that President Buhari has only achieved 1 out of his 222 electoral promises .

The Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, reacted by saying that the president has successfully blocked the leakages in the system within the last seven months he has been in office.

He said: “Doesn’t the President deserve credit for this and other efforts to confront the monster of corruption?
“He is making good strides towards improving governance by tackling corruption. Till date, a good number of persons believed to have collectively stolen billions from taxpayers have been arrested and are facing the courts.
“We are working with our allies across the world from Britain and America to France and Germany to China and the UAE to source, locate and repatriate misappropriated funds.

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“So far, an escrow account has been opened for money that is being returned. This is only the start. The return of stolen funds is important, but it is just as critical to ensure that those who seek to steal realise that no longer will there be such impunity in Nigeria.”

He also condemned recent false reports by the Centre for Democracy and Development adding that the centre was mischievous to attribute promises President Buhari did not make during his campaign.

He said: “The latest CDD episode is a shocking reminder to their failed attempt to hold the President to ‘100 promises in 100 days’ which disastrously crashed on the head of the proponent.
“The elevation of the act to a new high of 220 promises is a knee-jerk reaction that seeks to play to the gallery and score points against the President.”

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Published on: February 4, 2016. at: 15:32

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