Ritual Alert: Pant Thief Reveals What He Does With The Pant He Steals..

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The mission of a young man who set out to steal female pants that were spread outside a house in Oyo state, went awry as he was caught by residents of the area.

Following a report of the incident posted on Facebook by Asiwaju Oluwaseun Lanre, the unnamed female pants thief confessed that he sells the stolen pants to ritualists who pay him N500 for each pant.

After he was tortured, he went on to disclose that he is not the only person in the business and that they have sponsors. Read the post below as it was shared on the social media:

“This guy was arrested for stealing ladies panties/undies sells it for #500 After being tortured for some hours, he confessed he has been in the business for a while, and he’s being sponsored by some people. He said the leader pays him N500 per a panty. He claimed to come from Akinmoorin in Afijio LG.


Undies are better dried in your personal bathroom, or your living room in the absence of personal toilet/bathroom. These ritualists won’t give up! As they eat faeces (deficates) here and there, look for human parts and other things for their money rituals.

“The “yahoo boys” internet fraudsters are also there for you greedy and never satisfied/discontented girls and women, who’re gold diggers. It’s time to be very careful and watchful”.

Similarly, a 22-year-old man, Chigozie Ugwu, who was described as a serial underwear thief, was arrested in February by the police in Anambra State, for allegedly stealing no not less than 52 female pants.

While being interviewed, he said he did not know why he was obsessed with stealing female pants but that a particular spirit push him into the crime.

A woman’s underwear, especially her pant, is a strong point of contact to a major part of her body. Be careful!

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Published on: December 25, 2022. at: 21:23
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