Russia Set To Invade Ukraine At 1AM With Massive Missile Blitz & 200,000 Troops

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Russia set to invade Ukraine at 1AM tomorrow with massive missile blitz and 200,000 troops, US intelligence claims

Russia Set To Invade Ukraine At 1AM With Massive Missile Blitz & 200,000 Troops

RUSSIA is set to invade Ukraine at 1am tomorrow with a massive missile blitz and 200,000 troops, according to US intelligence.

Highly placed sources said preparations to defend the besieged nation would continue – despite reports Putin was withdrawing some troops from the border.

US intelligence said the most likely time for Putin’s order was 3am (1am UK time).

American spooks believe Kyiv’s military and government command and control centres still have a barrage of air strikes before tanks roll over the border.

Russian claimed today to be pulling back around 10,000 troops from its Western and Southern to barracks after military drills.

But around 130,000 remain on Ukraine’s eastern and southern borders with around 40,000 pro-Putin forces in Belarus to the north.

Another 30,000 pro-Russian separatists were facing Ukraine defenders in the captured Donbas enclave.

And preparations continued apace in Kyiv yesterday as anti-aircraft systems were seen moving into position along with columns of National Guard vehicles.

A military source said: “We cannot take anything that Russia says or does at face value. We have to prepare to defend ourselves.”

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Senior sources say a Moscow attack will be ” almost certainly from multiple points” over Ukraine’s southern, eastern and northern flanks.

Source:- The Sun


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Published on: February 16, 2022. at: 08:21
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