Simi talks about growing up with 3boys

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Popular female singer, Simi recalls how she grew up while chatting with Saturday Beats recently, taking a trip down memory lane, she said that she has always been a tomboy because she grew among three boys.

“While growing up, I was kind of a tom boy because I have three elder brothers, and from my mum I was the only girl and the last born. So I liked wearing sneakers, baggy jeans, and I was this bad girl who didn’t like too much trouble.”

Simi revealed she and her brothers were spoilt but, the separation of their parents made them grow up faster than expected.

In her words, “My dad spoilt my brothers and I. We watched movies a lot, but my brothers preferred horror movies so we all watched it together. But it was fun. When I was nine years, my parents got separated and that was a really tough time for us because we had to grow up faster but we came through and we were good,” Simi said.

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Published on: December 28, 2022. at: 10:58
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