Solid Reasons Why Hating On Patoranking Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea

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I love Patoranking!
So I really cannot fathom the disparity of thoughts over why he should or shouldn’t be a judge on a music show. A lot of astute music heads have labeled their sentiments since the selection process was unveiled to the public. Reasons ranged from the illest things like ‘he is too streets’ to quite valid points like ‘he doesn’t possess superb vocals’.

But I think it’s unfair if we have to use these weighing standards to undermine the quality of musical showmanship Patoranking exudes in his artiste person. Patoranking is a firebrand artiste, feel free to quote me anywhere. And there’s no other like him in our industry. Of course, more fitting choices to replace him would include the likes of Banky W to even Wande Coal – guys who we know have come into the awareness of their music stuff. Or did you think the show organizers didn’t put that into consideration? Wait.

What you perhaps never cared to realize, was the hidden revelation that the show management unanimously arrived at. Patoranking equates diversity! Think of it, while the other mentors radiate a certain grace, poise and aura in their different turfs that share one too many similarities, Patoranking’s obvious radical element is an essential outside-the-box ingredient that not only seeks to balance out neutrality but also complements the mentors’ squad ultimate objective in finding the voice. He may not be a superb vocalist, but you can agree that he’s proven his musical essence with his ear for good and pleasurable sounds. He may not have an album, but then again, is that really a point for standard to consider especially in an industry like ours? Maybe you should have a rethink. He may be too streets, but we know how the popular saying goes about Jack being a dull boy because of all work and no play.

As a mentor, you should be properly vested in a variety of fields, and with appropriate experience to inspire another. Patoranking hasn’t defaulted. Musically, he’s on point. His rags to riches story is enough motivation to keep the focused going. And his ‘live today, worry later about tomorrow’ philosophical disposition to life teaches you to appropriate your hope strategies. While some have chosen to remain blindsided by his supposed inability to curl notes into marathon-like vocal runs like an R. Kelly would, we’ve already found Patoranking worthy in wielding the rudiments for character, people management and musical skill. And I’m sure these reasons are majorly why talents with better prospects found their way into his camp. They know that their winning edge isn’t factored only on an adept vocal prowess, it shares points with an ability to switch between personas, decipher moods in music and slay the hell outta that performance even if you might not have to jump unnecessarily and perspire profusely. Patoranking understands that.

Remember Patoranking’s reggaeton and dance hall genre is like the most difficult to gain acceptance (no thanks at all to today’s Nigerian sound) but his show of diversity in doing it, has put him at par with some of the best musicians especially at home and even abroad. If achieving this feat doesn’t tell you about his hardwork and patience virtue, I don’t know what else will. I recall Nonso, a contestant on the show who was torn with the dilemma of choice, but finally stuck with Patoranking after realizing that his call reached into his soul. That’s a connection even I can’t explain, but what I know is it’s the kind of connection that launches you into success that lurks in waiting. So it really isn’t out of place that the whayasay crooner has been tasked with the responsibility of giving guidance to an upcoming star. I strongly believe that he is armed in accordance to deliver. Now with these few points of mine, I hope have be able to convince you and not confuse you…

Written by Jim Donnett

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Published on: December 23, 2022. at: 20:44
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