Tinubu: Lagos Gained ₦15 Billion From Econet Shares When I Was Governor

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In an old interview, Bola Tinubu reacted to different accusations from Nigeria’s Main opposition party, PDP and he spoke about how the IGR of Lagos has risen from[b] “an ordinary 600 Million Naira a month to 20 Billion Naira a month” [/b]

Tinubu: Lagos Gained ₦15 Billion From Econet Shares When I Was Governor

When he was asked if he truly gets 2 billion naira monthly from the IGR he described it as mere accusations that cannot be proven which he can ignore or go to court and described it as “Envy” and “Lack of knowledge”

He also spoke about how his administration in Lagos was the first to look at the option of bonds and approaching the financial market for funds which almost all PDP states and the federal government have approached in his words, “you must activate the financial markets”

He then spoke about how Lagos state funds were invested in Econet and he was heavily criticized for it but it reaped a whooping N15 billion naira profit. In his words, “we used N4 Billion to bring N19 Billion back to Lagos state” and he then questioned the intelligence of the PDP

He said “when you are superior to them in knowledge, intellectual capacity, in professionalism, you expect that you are wrestling with the pig, you’ll get a little bit of stain”

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Published on: February 12, 2022. at: 13:10
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